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GEN/F/64/8/STD - Matrox GEN/F/64/8/STD Image Processor. PCI Vision Processor Main Board |...

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Matrox GEN/F/64/8/STD Image Processor. PCI Vision Processor Main Board | C80/NOA/64MB, Integrated 8 MB Display | Standard Analog Color/Monochrome Line/Frame Scan Acquisition | for Integrating Acquisition, Processing and Display Simple Type: Image Processor

State-of-the-art hardware components Matrox Genesis vision processor is a unique design based on the PCI platform that uses Texas Instruments' TMS320C80 DSP. Our design exploits the full power of the C80 multi-processor DSP, the PCI bus,SDRAM memory, the MGA 2064W graphics accelerator and WRAM memory. Also onboard Matrox Genesis is a powerful ASIC dedicated to accelerating neighborhood operations. The advanced Grab Module can handle virtually any monochrome or color video stream. A key component in Matrox Genesis' design that links everything together is the Video Interface ASIC. VIA: at the heart of Matrox Genesis Custom designed by Matrox, the VIA (Video Interface ASIC) is an intelligent controller that performs optimized transfers between acquisition, display and processing sections in the Matrox Genesis system, as well as to and from external resources. It is also a powerful data formatting engine and is responsible for device synchronization. The Main Board and the Processor Board each have two VIAs. The VIAs let Matrox Genesis sustain high throughput I/O and allow the C80/NOA to be completely dedicated to processing, since the VIA off-loads all data management tasks. The most comprehensive software available for a C80-based board Matrox has extensive experience in providing software tools to meet the needs of developers in scientific and industrial imaging. We know what functions are required to solve machine vision, medical imaging and image analysis applications. Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a comprehensive image processing library that includes ActiveMIL, a collection of ActiveX controls (OCXs). Access to the board is also provided through the board-specific Matrox Genesis Native Library (GNL). All library functions have been fully optimized to exploit the full processing power and functionality of the hardware.

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  • Available software includes Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL, Matrox Genesis Native Library (GNL), Matrox Genesis Developer's Toolkit and Matrox Inspector
  • Flexible acquisition, real-time processing and high-resolution display all on one Main Board
  • High-throughput I/O between acquisition, processing and display sections; between multiple boards and to external resources; handled by custom video interface ASIC (VIA)
  • Scalable processing - add more power by cascading Processor Boards as required for up to 100 BOPs performance
  • Support for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and QNX (GNL only)
  • User configurable multi-processing (parallel or pipeline or a combination)
  • VIA offloads data management tasks from the vision processors allowing them to be ompletely dedicated to processing


  • Analog: 3 software-selectable modes, 4 channel/8-bit mode at up to 35 MHz, 2 channel/8-bit mode at up to 70 MHz, 1 channel/8-bit mode at up to 140 MHz. PLL range: 5-35 MHz. programmable clock phase: 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°. programmable gain, offset and DC restoration
  • Data interface: custom Matrox Video Interface ASIC (VIA) performs optimized transfers between acquisition, display and processing; between boards, and to external resources (i.e., host)
  • Digital: onboard up to 32-bit wide TTL input at up to 30 MHz. optional digital input companion board provides up to. 32-bit wide RS-422 at up to 25 MHz and LVDS at up to 40 MHzP
  • Display section: Matrox MGA 2064W graphics engine. 6 MB WRAM image frame buffer. 2 MB WRAM overlay frame buffer. resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 @ 85 Hz refresh rate. supports 1200 x 1600 portrait display mode. non-destructive overlay of text and graphics.
  • Hardware Specifications Acquisition: monochrome or color, standard or non-standard, analog or digital, frame scan or line scan, up to 64K pixels per line and 64K lines
  • Preprocessing: 10 MHz low pass filter (can be bypassed)
  • Processing node: TI's TMS320C80 DSP @ 50 MHz. Matrox's Neighborhood Operations Accelerator (NOA) @ 50 MHz. 64 MB SDRAM. Matrox Video Interface ASIC (VIA.) Up to 13 nodes in a system



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